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Coronavirus deaths per day in Västerbotten since March

Virus Deaths Now Equal Total During Spring Wave

31 people have died in Västerbotten since November -- the same amount that died between March and June.

SJUKHUSET – The death toll from coronavirus reached a grim milestone today, with an equal number of patients in Västerbotten having died from the virus during its current “second wave” than during its first wave in the spring.

Västerbotten officials announced two new deaths today, bringing the total to 31 for the current wave, the same amount who died in the spring, between March and June, from the virus. In the intermediary time — between June 23 and November 2 — nobody died from coronavirus in the region, statistics show. During the current wave, notably, the deaths have been closer to each other in time, with two days registering four deaths in the same 24-hour period. The maximum number of deaths per day in the spring was three. 24 people are in the hospital with covid-19, the disease caused by the illness, four of these in intensive care.

Umeå, compared to all cities and town in Västerbotten, has been moderately hit, at least in terms of cases per resident. National statistics show that Umeå has 25 coronavirus cases per 10 thousand residents, whereas Skellefteå, hardest hit, has 54 per 10 thousand. The lowest rates of confirmed coronavirus in Västerbotten are in Bjurholm and Dorotea.

From a national perspective, however, both Umeå and Västerbotten are faring relatively well. The most densely infected district in Sweden is Södertälje, near Stockholm, with 483 cases per 10 thousand residents. In total, 7514 people have died nationwide from covid-19.

Earlier this week, Västerbotten officials expressed their support for new national social distancing guidelines that go into effect on December 14. They advise against large family gatherings, saying that the holidays should be spent only with small groups of people.

“It appears that the spread of infection gained momentum during the autumn holidays,” Västerbotten infection control doctor Gunilla Persson told Västerbottens-Kuriren earlier this week. “It may have been related to families meeting, or due to something else. But we must probably be prepared for the same over the Christmas and New Year holidays.”

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