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    Erik Campano
    +46 730416510

    ☛ Reporter Intern: Rabii Allawerdi


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    From March 14, 2020 (date of founding), through May 20, 2020 (completion of project): 8386 readers; pages read 27 177 times


  • Umeå Today is a project of the non-profit Umeå Today Foundation.

    Board members: Erik Campano, Fabio König, Daria Chrobok

    Umeå Today is an experiment in producing in-depth, Umeå-specific news about the coronavirus, in English, in order to serve all residents of the city, whether or not they speak Swedish. Umeå Today adheres strictly to the ethical codes of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Swedish Union of Journalists.

    Content produced by the Umeå Today Foundation (organization number: 802532-4677) is constitutionally protected under Sweden's Freedom of the Press Act. (utgivningsbevisnummer: 2020-149)

    Umeå Today's journalistic content has always been editorially independent of all sponsors.


This website is currently in the process of being redesigned and reconstructed, so you can expect changes to the visual and permanent textual elements of the website as you read Umeå Today over the coming days and weeks.

Our Mission and Umeå Today 2.0:
The seriousness of the coronavirus crisis has again become a topic that requires news coverage for everyone in Umeå, whether or not they speak Swedish. Umeå Today has, therefore, returned to its original mission of covering the crisis, and you can find updated information here on our webpage. Meanwhile, Umeå Today is planning to launch its 2.0 products, including The Umeå Handbook and Umeå Sunday, a weekly multimedia newscast, in early 2021. In addition to covering the crisis, we will be blogging here about the development of Umeå Today 2.0.

Erik Campano, Editor-in-chief


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