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The location on Magistervägen in Ålidhem, this afternoon, where police were investigating last night's assault. -Umeå Today

Man Assaulted in Ålidhem Overnight; Umeå Introduces Mobile Health Care App

• Police are asking for information about an assault last night that left the victim in the hospital. • Arson and sabotage are suspected in a fire at the police station and in a car in Vännäs overnight. • Umeå health clinics introduce a new, mobile health care application. • Norrlandsoperan is now offering "home delivery" of dance performances.

Police are asking for information about an assault last night that left the victim in the hospital.

ÅLIDHEM – Police have been conducting investigations in Ålidhem, after saying late last night that a man was beaten up there and taken to the hospital. Umeå Today Reporter Alexandra Swain, who lives in the neighborhood, said that a police officer knocked on her door between 11 and 11:30 PM, and told her that a violent crime had taken place near the eastern end of Magistervägen. Swain saw officers going door-to-door, asking residents whether they had any information about the incident.

Police filed a public notice early this morning, at 1:49, that a man in his twenties was assaulted, and that the extent of his injuries was unclear. Law enforcement say they blocked off two places in the city through the morning, as part of the investigation. One location was on Magistervägen, and the other was in the city center near the Navet swimming pool, according to Västerbottens-Kuriren. They did not explain why they were focusing on the city center location. Both places have since been reopened to the public.

Police say that anyone with information connected to the assault should contact them.

Arson and sabotage are suspected in a fire at the police station and in a car in Vännäs overnight.

Police in Vännäs, the town directly to Umeå’s west, say they suspect arson and sabotage in the simultaneous burning of part of Vännäs’ police station and a car on a nearby street, also overnight. At 12:30 AM, police say, a fire alarm went off at the station. They found a blaze in its entrance as well as broken windows. A few minutes later, officers were alerted to a car fire on Liljas väg, just across the railroad tracks from the station.

“We have witnesses for the car fire,” said police spokesperson Michael Rystedt. “They said that three young people ran from the scene.” The owner of the car said that “my friend chased after them, and saw them riding a moped into the woods,” according to Västerbottens-Kuriren. Yesterday, police said they were looking for information about moped-riders who appeared to try to run over some officers during a party in Umeå on Saturday night.

“This time, the damage was limited,” Rystedt said, “but major consequences for society and residents can follow an attack on, and the disruption of, police work.”

Two weekends ago, a series of car fires and a house fire in Tunnelbacken, Ersboda, Holmsund, and Mariehem in Umeå led to a major, ongoing police investigation, also of suspected arson. Although the reasons behind any arson remain unknown, Umeå criminologists have suggested it may be a way for gangs to distract police while drug-traders make deliveries, with street crime exacerbated due to fewer pedestrians during the coronavirus crisis.

A bird’s eye video of the Holmsund car fires of Tuesday, April 21. –M. Pettersson for Umeå Today

Police have not said whether they believe there is a connection between the Umeå and the Vännäs suspected arson attacks. However, certain unknown local groups have expressed anti-police sentiment during the crisis. The words “ALL COPS ARE TARGETS” were found spray-painted on the University Police Education building in late March.

Anti-police graffiti on the University Police Education building some six weeks ago. It is unknown who spray-painted the message. (image enhanced) –Umeå Today

Umeå health clinics introduce a new, mobile health care application.

Starting today, Umebor can check into doctor visits using a mobile phone application called Självincheckning. Patients with the app, who have booked an appointment, will receive a text message on their phone, prior to the visit, with a check-in link. They can then check in no earlier than one-half hour before the visit. Only patients who have a personnummer (social security number) and BankID can use the application. A similar mobile digital check-in procedure has been introduced already in other areas of Sweden, and based on those projects, statistics suggest that 50 to 60 percent of Västerbotten patients will use Självcheckning.

“Especially with COVID-19,” said Västerbotten e-health architect Håkan Pettersson, “this service has a clear benefit.” He explained that digital check-in will improve the flow of operations in the city’s health care centers. “The focus now, in the beginning, is to slow the spread of infection.”

A user with the Självcheckning app. -Region Västerbotten.

The app is part of a larger digitization of local health care services during the pandemic. Medical professionals are also offering video visits and self-assessment tests for coronavirus infection through the Reception Region Västerbotten app.

Regional statistics on the pandemic, meanwhile, have hardly changed in the past day. Two more confirmed infections were reported in Västerbotten, bringing the total to 332. The number of patients in the hospital, in intensive care, and the total death toll remained at 18, 9, and 16 respectively.

Norrlandsoperan is now offering “home delivery” of dance performances.

Norrlandsoperan announced today that individuals in coronavirus risk groups, the elderly, and schools can now order “home delivery” of a “dance experience” called Take Away. Dancers are available to travel around Umeå and give live performances in a manner that avoids the possibility of the spread of infection — for example, through an outdoor window. The dances are usually five-minute-long solos or duets.

“We can do whatever you want,” the opera house said. Its artistic director, Martin Forsberg, suggested that “Art is incredibly important in these times. The live experience is what we are good at, and I think it can create important memories — and hope.”

“Out of crisis,” he said, “creativity is borne. When people cannot come to art, art can come to people instead.”

The performances can be ordered on the Norrlandsoperan website. Take Away’s leadership says that these shows are meant only for a few audience members at a time. “We don’t want to make crowd,” opera spokesperson Malin Lindberg emphasized to Umeå Today.

Take Away performing a dance routine in the open air, outside of a house. -Norrlandsoperan

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