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The Umeå Handbook

Kickstarter for The Umeå Handbook Is Underway!

After months of development, The Umeå Handbook: The Complete Guide to the World's Most Mysig City, is finished and now the main prize on a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for Umeå Today's online newsmagazine and TV show, coming later this spring. Check out the Kickstarter page with great images...

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Umeå Today is under development!

With the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine and concurrent improvement in the crisis, Umeå Today is working to recreate itself as a new, multimedia, bilingual English-Swedish news source for Umebor, by Umebor. You can look forward to the publication soon…

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This website is currently in the process of being redesigned and reconstructed, so you can expect changes to the visual and permanent textual elements of the website as you read Umeå Today over the coming days and weeks.

Our Mission and Umeå Today 2.0:
The seriousness of the coronavirus crisis has again become a topic that requires news coverage for everyone in Umeå, whether or not they speak Swedish. Umeå Today has, therefore, returned to its original mission of covering the crisis, and you can find updated information here on our webpage. Meanwhile, Umeå Today is planning to launch its 2.0 products, including The Umeå Handbook and Umeå Sunday, a weekly multimedia newscast, in early 2021. In addition to covering the crisis, we will be blogging here about the development of Umeå Today 2.0.

Erik Campano, Editor-in-chief


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