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Umeå Today

Citygoers Overlook Coronavirus Warnings As Umeå Infection Curve Flattens; New Bus Rules Take Effect Tomorrow

• Apparently symptomatic people and seniors gather in public places in city center
• Two days pass with no new confirmed infections in Västerbotten
• City buses adopt new coronavirus protection measures
• Vandalism rises in city center as pedestrian traffic decreases

Umeå Answers Italian Coronavirus Balcony Music With Traditional Herd-Calling Songs Across Frozen River

- About a dozen musicians create impromptu kulning concert to battle social isolation
- Coronavirus known case total rises to 29 in Västerbotten; local experts say Umeå's clean air will help lower mortality
- Nordic Choice hotel chain offers buildings and staff for quarantine and treatment
- Umeå LGBTQ+ rights organization RFSL moves annual meeting online

Hospital, Airlines, Restaurants Feel Strain as Number of Umeå Coronavirus Cases Increases

- Coronavirus assessment tent built outside hospital emergency entrance
- 23 infected persons now identified in Västerbotten, with four inpatients
- Government calls for domestic travel restrictions as BRA airline cuts service
- Restaurants report major loss of customers while Ålidhem East Asian market closes

General Spread of Coronavirus in Västerbotten Suggested by Two New Cases; Shopping Centers, Buses, Factories Reduce Services

- Three patients in the hospital, one in intensive care; unknown how disease was spread
- Utopia, MVG, Avion shrink opening hours; city buses to reduce service by 30%; Volvo factory to pause production; all secondary schools move online
- Refused postpones Umeå spring concert until October
- Västerbotten appeals to nursing students to volunteer to support health care system

University Forbids Students from Most of Campus as All Classes, Exams are Moved Online; Five New Coronavirus Cases Found in Västerbotten

- Lindellhallen, library, Universum, and administration buildings and cafes to remain open
- Status of laboratory and practical courses yet to be decided
- Five new coronavirus cases discovered in Västerbotten; more businesses and schools close

Four Umeå University Employees Reportedly Test Positive for Coronavirus as City Activates Preparation Plan

- Case total rises to 13 in Västerbotten; four university staff members infected
-Umeå city government activates preparation plan for predicted further spread of disease
- Umeå hospital expert: restrict your social contact and stay 1.5 meters away from others

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