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Umeå Today

Umeå Police Warn Against Large Valborg Parties Tonight

• Police will “cancel or break up” publicized parties of more than 50 people
• Student Union live-streams local bands in virtual Valborg celebration
• Umeå Student Choir performs video Valborg concert with 15 singers in different locations
• Umeå Left Party plans tomorrow's May Day celebrations inside World of Warcraft video game
• Västerbotten virus infection count increases by 19 to 322

Infection Count Surpasses 300 and Death Total Reaches 15

• Tegnell: national death toll “so large it becomes difficult to understand its scope”
• Umeå hospital nurse angry about citygoers not practicing social distancing
• New coronavirus protection guidelines for pregnant women announced
• City promises graduating students a good celebration, despite coronavirus cancellations
• Umeå-Lycksele train service reduced during pandemic

Umeå Predicted Coronavirus Peak Moved to June from May

• Expected peak smaller than before due to social distancing
• About half of Västerbotten corona deaths are in Umeå
• Hospital worker's union and region stuck in negotiations about summer holidays
• Chances of hospital staff-to-patient virus spread "very, very small"
• Student Union will host live Valborg broadcast with popular local musicians

Sami Economy Hit Hard by Coronavirus Crisis

• Demand for reindeer meat plunges as Sami leaders look for assistance
• New coronavirus death in Västerbotten
• Umeå Hospital announces pandemic rules for visitors at childbirth and in maternity ward
• City food trucks now enforcing social distancing for queuing customers
• Swedish Radio plans to stage “virtual Valborg” with a giant online choir

Umeå Restaurants Celebrate Approval by Coronavirus Health Inspectors

• Inspected Umeå restaurants judged safe, while in Stockholm, one-third violate hygiene code
• Umeå’s cleaning companies lay off huge portion of employees due to lack of business
• Västerbotten approaches almost 300 confirmed infections
• Photographer Gunnar Seijbold, who took famous photo of wounded Umeå footballer, dies of coronavirus
• Umeå University-honored Västerbotten author P. O. Enquist dies at 85 after long illness

Coronavirus Helicopter Starts Flying Patients to Umeå

• Battlefield helicopter transports patient from Skellefteå to university hospital
• 13 now dead in Västerbotten due to virus, as Umeå Prison inmates test positive
• Umeå Liberal Party says city lost “great opportunity” by not hiring restaurants to provide school lunches
• Student union and Bostaden clash over “collective punishment” in corridors
• How do you stop someone from sitting next to you on a city bus?

Umeå Has Most Coronavirus Cases in Västerbotten

• Skellefteå has highest rate of cases per capita; new death announced
• People with other illnesses not seeking enough treatment, officials say
• Umeå clinics introduce new mobile phone app with virtual doctor visits
• Forest fire risk increases as barbecues rise in popularity during pandemic
• Newspaper political editor’s controversial coronavirus opinions inflame social media debate
• Folkets Hus declares a financial “emergency”

Elderly Dying Unnecessarily Due To Illegal Discrimination During Pandemic, Umeå Doctors Argue

• Elderly are not getting IVs and oxygen, geriatrician says
• Armed Forces brings in 10 military medics to strengthen Umeå coronavirus response
• New video shows bird’s eye view of Holmsund car fires
• Umeå Student Union says university’s pandemic actions are “too restrictive”
• Norrlandsoperan sends dancers out for fresh-air performances
• City starts spring street sweeping. When will your neighborhood be cleaned?

Tunnelbacken Car Explodes in New Video As Umebor Clash Over Social Distancing

• Exclusive video of suspected arson includes alarm, blast, and burst of light
• Umeå police: Holmsund fire linked to Tunnelbacken, Ersboda blazes
• Holmsund Social Democrats demand increased police presence
• Umeå city leaders announce steps to prevent further attacks
• Citygoers crowd together despite distancing recommendations
• Västerbotten announces a new coronavirus death

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