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Umeå Today

Under Scrutiny from Swedish Colleagues, Umeå Researchers To Present “Fine Tuned” Virus Model This Week

• An Umeå University researcher tells Umeå Today that his group's new coronavirus spread model will take into account the latest national statistics.
• Data suggests that the Umeå group's previous model was more correct than critics claim.
• A City task force to prevent coronavirus spread among young people broke up a large party at Bölesholmarna beach and in Backen last night.
• Bostaden has announced more lenient rules about fining residents for damages.
• Umeå is releasing sheep and lambs into public parks for residents to meet up close.

As Umeå Coronavirus Curve “Levels Off”, Government Urges Against Summer Travel Abroad

• A Västerbotten official says that the graph showing the coronavirus' burden on the health care system is leveling off.
• Sweden's Foreign Minister warns that residents should not book overseas holidays this summer.
• Prominent Swedish poet and playwright Kristina Lugn, who led a literary festival in Umeå's Capital of Culture year, was found dead today.
• Oxbron bridge, to Gröna Oxen Island, will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Ålidhem Man Fled from Unknown Attackers to City Center

• After being beaten by four people on Monday night, a man ran, wounded, from Magistervägen towards a friend's house near Navet.
• A number of cars were broken into this morning in Öst på stan.
• Another resident in an Umeå city care home is suspected to have the coronavirus.
• A 1990s-themed Umeå summer music festival is postponed to next year.
• Umeå receives a 1.4 million SEK grant to develop more gender-equal city planning.

Bus Ridership in Umeå Drops by Over 50%; Environmentalists Encourage Biking, Ridesharing

• Umeå's city buses are experiencing a "dramatic" loss of customers.
• Some of this summer's Umeå Live performances may be cancelled.
• The Church of Sweden is postponing Umeå confirmation camps until next summer.
• Family and friends will be banned from Umeå school graduations this year.

Police Need Tips on “2 Red Vespas” from Vännäs Arson Yesterday; First-Ever Exact Umeå Virus Count Released

• Police are asking for information about two people on Vespa scooters, suspected of setting fire to Vännäs police headquarters and a resident's car yesterday morning.
• Umeå no longer has the most confirmed coronavirus cases in Västerbotten, with 110, versus 128 for Skellefteå.
• The city of Umeå is extending a program to offer financial counseling to struggling businesses until August 31.
• Real estate developer Diös has revealed a sketch of its plans for new construction in the city center.
• An island in the Ume River is now closed to the public in order to protect woodpeckers.

Man Assaulted in Ålidhem Overnight; Umeå Introduces Mobile Health Care App

• Police are asking for information about an assault last night that left the victim in the hospital.
• Arson and sabotage are suspected in a fire at the police station and in a car in Vännäs overnight.
• Umeå health clinics introduce a new, mobile health care application.
• Norrlandsoperan is now offering "home delivery" of dance performances.

Education, Shame and More Motivate Umeå Social Distancing, Says Psychologist

• Study: 9 in 10 people in Sweden now practice social distancing in public
• Västerbotten reports a new coronavirus death
• Report: local economy hit hard by crisis, but not as hard as 2008 recession
• Health care worker union, hospital talks break down; summer holidays may be moved to September
• Arson suspected in Friday house fire, but not connected to car burnings
• Umeå Police looking for tips about moped drivers who almost hit officer

Västerbotten’s Virus Death Rate Lower than Most of Sweden and All of Western E.U.

• Only four Swedish regions have a lower per person death rate than Västerbotten
• Compared to Stockholm, Umeå restaurants found to be keeping to coronavirus health codes
• Swedbank economist: parts of Sweden's economy better off than other E.U. countries
• Umeå Hospital uses a "coronacycle" to reach patients more quickly
• Volunteer organization Vän i Umeå organizes dozens of city walks to combat isolation and provide exercise

Umeå May Day March, During Pandemic, Traverses World of Warcraft

• Originally a Left Party April Fool’s joke, thousands gather in fantasy realm to commemorate holiday
• Umeå Social Democratic leader Hans Lindberg calls for “a stronger community” in May Day speech
• Umeå Police say Valborg partiers (mostly) followed social distancing laws
• Popular Vännäs handicrafts store Slöjdornas hus closes due to pandemic
• Applications open for local sports clubs to get government financial support
• Supermarket plastic bag price goes up today

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