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Our Statement of Principles

Umeå Today is Umeå’s new, very own, bilingual multimedia online news source. We, the editorial staff of Umeå Today, promise the following to the people of Umeå:

– That we will report all the local news that is important to your daily lives and decision-making.

– That we will give equal coverage to all people in Umeå, whether born here or not, regardless of ethnicity or mother tongue, or any other feature of their identity. 

– That you will always get the news in two languages — Swedish and English — so that as many people as possible in the Kommun can understand it.

– That we will make sure that all points of view are represented on any issue about which reasonable people might disagree.

– That we will always be as accurate as possible in our reporting, double-checking facts whenever possible, and not repeating unsubstantiated claims simply because they might sound enticing to read.

– That we will not use stock footage, doctored photos, or unrelated dramatic images to represent events.

– That we will not omit or include stories because we are friends — or in some other way associated — with the subject of that news.

– That we will never use “native advertising”: stories that appear like real news, but are actually paid ads.

– That we will never use social media to manipulate you into misunderstanding the news, into consuming products or services, or into focusing on certain stories without a proper journalistic justification.

– That we will always be open to your feedback, and try to improve our journalism according to what you, the readers, see as fit.

– That we will never allow ourselves to be intimidated out of telling an important story because it may be unwanted by persons in power.

– That, in general, we will strictly follow the ethical guidelines of the Swedish Union of Journalists.

Erik Campano, Publisher

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