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Number of patients in hospital and intensive care in Västerbotten since March. 2020. - Region Västerbotten
Number of patients in hospital and intensive care in Västerbotten since March. 2020. - Region Västerbotten

July 5, 2021

The main news in Umeå today should please almost everyone: for the first time since November — that is to say, about nine months — nobody is in the intensive care unit, at Umeå University Hospital, with coronavirus. Two people are in Västerbotten hospitals with Covid-19, but neither patient requires intensive care. This is a huge milestone for Umeå’s fight against the infection. Just to put into perspective how momentous this is, let’s look at amazing graph from Region Västerbotten.

Here is the number of people in the hospital, in blue, and in intensive care, in red, in Västerbotten since the virus first hit in March, 2020.

At the worst point of the virus — March, 2021 — there were 73 people in the intensive care unit. That number has been on a downward trend since the middle of May, when the vaccine first became available. That was also the last time that someone died from the virus in Västerbotten, the 181st person to do so.

If the statistics hold, then we are beginning to get a sense of the final toll that coronavirus had on Umeå. In total, just under 10 thousand people will have been confirmed to have the virus in the Kommun — that’s about one in 13. The death rate was somewhere between one and two percent. So, it’s very likely that you know some fellow Umebo who had coronavirus, and it’s also quite possible that you know someone who died. Coronavirus has touched all of our lives. The good news — at least, almost everyone will agree — is that it’s almost over.

However, it is not fully over. Authorities did say that, probably because of Midsommer festivities and the closing of testing stations on Midsummer’s Eve, more people tested positive in Västerbotten in the past week than in the previous one — 59, compared to 31. Of those 59, 49 were in Umeå. So, officials are still cautioning Umebor to avoid crowding together, particularly in public transit and shops,

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