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An Umeå secondary school
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City Gymnasium Students To Return To Distance Education

"Due to the ongoing situation with the virus, it is unfortunately necessary," says a city leader.

SLIPERIET – The City of Umeå decided this morning that students in gymnasium secondary schools will have their education transitioned partially back to remote platforms starting November 18. Schools plan to teach by distance, to students’ homes, every third week, depending upon which class year they are in. The new regulations are intended to last at least until January 20, 2021, the City wrote in a press release.

“Due to the ongoing situation with the virus, it is unfortunately necessary,” said Ann-Christine Gradin, the City’s director of education. “However, it is very sad that our gymnasium students are being affected once again during this pandemic.” For a large part of this year, City gymnasium schools maintained distance education because of the crisis, but students went back to regular full-time onsite activities a few weeks ago.

City gymnasium and adult education head Peter Vigren said, “Now, we are really hoping that other community leaders understand the seriousness of this situation and take responsibility for stopping the spread of infection.”

This week, Umeå has experienced a resurgence of the virus, with a spike in the number of infected and hospitalized patients.

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