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Umeå Coronavirus Burden Diminishing, Officials Say, but Two New Deaths Are Reported

• The number of seriously ill coronavirus patients is overall decreasing in Västerbotten, but two new deaths were also announced today.
• Mass testing has revealed the infection's presence in 12 nursing homes in the region, and that health care personnel are particularly likely to test positive.
• The region said that by June, it will decide which health care workers can take a summer holiday.
• A man has been arrested for suspected arson in the burning of an apartment last night in Ersboda.
• Norrlandsoperan's opera and program manager, actor and mezzosoprano Malin Gjörup, has died suddenly at age 56.
• Umeå is asking cyclists to give their opinions about bicycling in the city, and has put out videos clarifying that bikes get priority over cars at road crossings.

Given Travel Restrictions, Umeå Tourist Spots Hope for Local Visitors This Summer

• Umeå's hospitality industry is counting on residents to "stay-cation" this summer, to make up for the lack of tourists from abroad.
• More summer music events in Umeå have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.
• Norrlandsoperan is planning to give outdoor sing-along concerts for pre-schoolers next week.
• Coronavirus statistics in the region are almost unchanged since yesterday.
• A 17-year-old boy has been convicted of illegal threats and assault of four young people at Vasaplan in January.

As Health Professionals March for a Summer Holiday, Four Infections Are Found in Ersboda Nursing Home

• An Umeå health care workers' union this morning protested the decision that they could take holidays earliest in September.
• Coronvirus' burden on local health care system continues to decrease, with the number of hospitalized patients dropping below 10 for the first time since March.
• Despite the encouraging coronavirus statistics, four cases were reportedly confirmed today among Ersboda nursing home residents.
• The startup incubator eXpressions is offering a workshop on Wednesday about how to be creative during the pandemic, with an eye towards sustainable development afterwards.
• Umeå's Left and Green Parties are submitting a motion to the City allowing 16-year-olds to vote.

After Crash and Coronavirus, Umeå Sky-Divers Finally Jump Again, With Symbolism [with video]

• In a perhaps symbolic leap into Umeå after the worst of the coronavirus, the Sky Diving Club jumped yesterday for the first time from its new aircraft, some 10 months after its previous plane crashed, killing all nine aboard.
• The first coronavirus death in Västerbotten since Wednesday was announced today.
• Police broke up a party of young people with alcohol, last night at I20.

Health Officials: Avoid Holidaying Further than Two Hours from Umeå This Summer

• Social services officials recommend against travelling far into the countryside this summer.
• The number of parents taking days off to care for sick children doubled during the pandemic.
• The Umeå Sky Diving Club has a new airplane to replace the one which crashed in July last year, killing all nine people aboard.

University Says Teaching Is “Better and Better” After Student Union Survey Shows Falling Education Quality

• Student perception of Umeå University's educational quality is worsening during the pandemic, but administrators say they are doing what they can to improve it.
• The number of hospitalized coronavirus patients declines again, even as the total infection count in Västerbotten reaches 400.
• Västerbotten officials clarify that hearing-impaired persons can call health hotline 1177, after a national organization singled out the region's lack of accessibility.
• A man is expected to face court on June 16, for allegedly pulling a knife on two young people on an Umeå bus in January.
• The City of Umeå says that some people have been illegally dumping garden waste in residential areas.

Umeå Begins Mass Coronavirus Testing, Starting With Nursing Homes

• In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading to the elderly, the city has started its mass testing for the infection in Dragonen nursing home.
• Umeå University researchers have received over 3 million SEK in grants funding six different projects fighting coronavirus.
• Västerbotten expects to save millions of SEK a year by introducing free coffee for health care staff.
• Facebook commenters have become incensed, after Västerbottens-Kuriren published a photo of a police car in a handicapped spot at Avion.

First New Coronavirus Death in a Week, But Health Care Situation is Now Stable in Umeå, Say Officials

• Although Västerbotten reported a coronavirus death today, the number of patients in intensive care continues to drop, and the region is introducing mass testing.
• Psychologist to Umeå: Worry is natural now, and immigrants have a right to an interpreter for therapy.
• Visfestival, a July music festival on Holmön, is cancelled this year.
• Väven's new online performance series will broadcast poetry and spoken word live tomorrow night.
• This year's Västerbotten storytelling competition is now open to applications -- in any language.

Three Out of Four Local Businesses Hurt by Pandemic

• Study results released today by regional officials showed that 76 percent of Västerbotten companies have been adversely affected by the coronavirus crisis.
• 20 percent of the companies say that they are at risk of bankruptcy, and officials expect a liquidity crisis in July.
• Umeå is postponing its 2021 budget because of uncertainty due to the pandemic.
• Coronavirus statistics in the region remained virtually unchanged since yesterday.

10 More Cars Burn Overnight in Ersboda; Residents Feel Unsafe As Police Investigate With “Unrelenting Force” [Video and 360° VR Photo]

• Police suspect a 10 car fire in Ersboda last night was another in a string of arson in Umeå.
• Ersboda residents express increased fear as police say they are investigating the fires vigorously.
• Gangs, drug trafficking, intimidation of police -- and the pandemic -- are all suspected causes.
• Umeå University's 2020 autumn Welcome Fair is cancelled, according to a report.
• Umeå now has 126 total confirmed coronavirus infections.

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