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Stefan Löfven
Stefan Löfven

BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister to Sweden: Be Prepared for Decisions that May Affect Society For A Long Time

"There are a few, crucial moments in life when we have to make sacrifices, not just for oneself. ... And that moment is now," said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in a rare nationally televised speech.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has given a rare address to the nation about the now widespread community transmission of coronavirus. In the five minute speech, he said that “life, health, and jobs are threatened.” Many residents will become sick, he said, and “many people will be forced to say goodbye to a loved one.”

“The next months will be stressful,” continued Löfven. “I, as minister of state, and the government I lead, will make every decision necessary to protect as many people’s lives, health, and jobs as possible.”

“You should be ready for many decisions that will affect our society,” he said, adding that these decisions would come “sometimes at short notice, sometimes interfering with everyday life even more.”

“There are a few, crucial moments in life when we have to make sacrifices, not just for oneself,” said Löfven. “And that moment is now.”

Löfven stressed that “every person has a heavy responsibility” to stop the spread of infection. “We who are adults must now be, indeed, adults. Do not spread panic or rumors.”

“I understand that it is frustrating to have to limit your life, your social contacts, but it is necessary right now,” he said. “For your own sake, of course, but also to protect other people, and to give health care professionals a chance to cope with the situation.”

Umeå Today will have all the details, of how this speech affects the city, in tomorrow’s evening post.

You can watch the complete speech, with Swedish subtitles, at SVT. An English translation of the full speech is available at

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