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Ålidhem Man Fled from Unknown Attackers to City Center

After being beaten by four people on Monday night, a man ran, wounded, from Magistervägen towards a friend’s house near Navet.

ÅLIDHEM – The man who was attacked near Magistervägen in Ålidhem on Monday night fled towards a friend’s residence close to the Navet swimming hall, police say, according to Västerbottens-Kuriren. When he reached the city center, he fell into a ditch, where police say his friend found him. Ambulances and law enforcement then arrived. It was for this reason that throughout the following morning, sites in both locations were blocked off for investigation. Until today, it was unknown why the police had been searching near Navet, specifically at a location on Västra Kyrkogatan.

Police report that the 20-year-old man was beaten by four people he says he did not know. He said they hit him with a metal file, but he managed to escape and ran without looking back, police investigator Joachim Lundberg told Västerbottens-Kuriren. The attackers did not follow him, the man said. At sometime between 11 and 11:30 PM on Monday, a police officer knocked on the door of Umeå Today reporter Alexandra Swain, who lives in the neighborhood, and asked for information from her, going door-to-door to try to gather witness accounts. He indicated that the place of attack was near the east end of Magistervägen. The police made their first public report of the crime at 1:49 AM on Tuesday morning.

The location on Magistervägen in Ålidhem, this afternoon, where police were investigating last night's assault. -Umeå Today
The location on Magistervägen in Ålidhem where the man was assaulted on Monday night. -Umeå Today

The wounded man ended up in the emergency room where he was questioned, police say, but unable to give them much information to lead them to the perpetrators. He left the hospital on the same day, police say. They are now analyzing data that they collected at the sites in Ålidhem and the city center.

A number of cars were broken into this morning in Öst på stan.

Police said this morning that they were called sometime before 9 AM to an Öst på stan parking garage, where several automobiles had been burglarized. They conducted a crime scene investigation, interviewed people, and reported theft.

Police have not said how many cars were broken into, or what was stolen. They have also not made an arrest, according to Västerbottens-Kuriren.

Another resident in an Umeå city care home is suspected to have the coronavirus.

Umeå officials said last night that they suspect that a person living in a city-run care home may have the coronavirus. This infection has not yet been confirmed. Since the pandemic began, three people living in city-run care homes have been discovered to be infected.

We treat it as if it is a confirmed infection, and are isolating the person, under care, in their room,” Malin Sundbom, the city’s operations manager, told SVT.

City officials say that they have been informing relatives of people who live in the same section of the home about the suspected infection.

Seven more people were confirmed to have the coronavirus in Västerbotten in the past day, regional officials said. One fewer is in the hospital and intensive care, bringing those totals to 16 and 8, respectively. The death tally in Västerbotten remained unchanged, at 17.

A 1990s-themed Umeå summer music festival is postponed to next year.

The music festival Vi som älskar 90-talet (We who love the 90s), which was supposed to take place in August at Umeå Energi Arena, is cancelled this year and now planned for autumn 2021, as a result of health worries due to the pandemic.

The festival’s website says that tickets purchased for this year’s event can be refunded before May 21, or will be valid for next year. “We, unfortunately, cannot guarantee whether the same artists will be performing,” festival organizers write, “but we will work to get as many of them as possible, and provide updates on the website.”

Umeå receives a 1.4 million SEK grant to develop more gender-equal city planning.

The city announced today that the European Union is giving it some 136 thousand euros — nearly one-and-a-half million SEK — — to lead a group of seven cities participating in Genderedlandscape, a program which implements a gender-equal approach to urban development. The other cities are Frankfurt, Germany; Trikala, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; La Rochelle, France; Panevezys, Lithuania; and Celje, Slovenia. Generedlandscape tries to “create conditions for gender equality, through a holistic understanding of how gender inequality is created in specific places.”

The pedestrian-bicycle tunnel underneath Umeå Central Station is an example of an urban design project carried out according to gender-equal principles, the city says. The walls of the tunnel, which contain panels lit from behind painted with nature scenes, also has text from the works of local author Sara Lidman.

The tunnel is broader and lighter than the previous one, with a larger entrance in the middle and rounded corners, all of which are meant to provide a feeling of safety. The city says that the tunnel “raises issues of power in public spaces, men’s violence toward women, and how the city is perceived as a consequence of violence, experienced fear, and also accessibility.”

A video from the city of Umeå showing how gender-equal principles were used to design the Central Station pedestrian-bicycle tunnel. -Umeå Kommun

“It is both an honor, and a delight, that we now lead work in Europe, showing other cities what we’ve done, and why it’s important,” Umeå Municipal Council Planning Committee Chair Janet Ågren commented. The project is intended to continue until 2022.

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